About Quiram Logging

Quiram Logging started as sole proprietor in 1979 by Floyd Quiram.  In these early years we mechanically felled trees with a Drott 40 and skidded tree lengths to a landing with a D6C grapple cat and processed trees into whips (long unmeasured logs).  Basically just removing limbs and sawing the tops off with a chainsaw.  We operated mostly as a two man crew.  At that time loading and trucking were done by subcontractors with the majority of logs being delivered to American Timber Co. in Olney, Mt.

In 1983 the company incorporated as Quiram Logging Inc. and we began adding equipment and employees.  We purchased a rubber tired skidder with a swing grapple.  In 1983 we bought our first United States Forest Service (USFS) sale. Prior we had always worked as subcontractor on other purchasers sales or on private land where we negotiated a stumpage contract with the landowner.  We also bought a homemade slideboom delimber to ease in the delimbing-processing operation.

In 1985 Pat Hanley and I traveled to Austria to watch a Steyr processor head in operation.  This head was unique in that it bucked measured segments from trees with a circle saw.  We purchased one of these heads to work on the landing.  Outside of a Weyerhauser prototype this was the first Steyr in North America.

We continued to purchase USFS sales for about 10 years.  At that time the USFS sales program started a steep decline in volume available our interest in Cut-to-Length (CTL) began to increase.  In 1993 we did a trial thinning harvest for F.H. Stoltze still using the whole tree skidding to a processor landing.  It was not until the winter of ’94-95 that we began doing CTL for F.H. Stoltze.

In 1991 we also became a contractor for Plum Creek Timber and still continued to use the Steyr there until the spring of 1995 when we purchased our first set of Link-Belts (both 2800’s), one to load and the other equipped with a 230 Waratah processing head.  We continued to add and subtract employees and equipment while working a side for Plum Creek and Stoltze until 1997.  At that time we concentrated more effort on CTL for Stoltze and non industrial private forests (NIPF) that Quiram Logging contracted with personally.

Soon after we added Timbco’s with squirt booms and 965 Valmet processing heads, as well as Fabtek forwarders.  Logs were being hauled by short log trucks with self loaders and pup trailers.  In 2000 we began loading our own shortlogs with a track mounted loader onto truck-pup configurations.  Many times all of the equipment was on the same job, but occasionally splitting into two operations.

We operated in this manner until 2005 when we purchased an 830 TimberPro that could switch from a harvester to a forwarder.  In September of 2006 we purchased  Waratah 470 processing heads.  In the Fall of 2006 we also brought more change and started to fell and bunch in front of the harvesters vs. having the harvesters cut their own trees.  This hybrid CTL method is what we still do because of constantly encountering small diameter trees and we think it is our tool for surviving in this business.

This Spring of 2009 may bring more changes as we see an increasing need to address economics and the constant conflict of CTL leaving potential biomass on the ground in excessive amounts that can be fire hazardous.

Community Service

Adopt Highway road side clean up – Montana Stewardship Logging – since 1992


Logger of the Year 2005 – Montana Tree Farmer

Logger of the Year 1996 – Montana Wood Products


Accredited Logging Professionals Employees (ALP) through the Montana Logging Association

Member since

Floyd Quiram               1994

Eric Zaugg                    2007

Craig Kiser                   2008

Taylor Quiram             2008                  University of Idaho Forest Products 2007 – B.S. Degree